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React Conf 2021

React 18 Keynote

In the keynote, we shared our vision for the future of React starting with React 18.

Watch the full keynote from Andrew Clark, Juan Tejada, Lauren Tan, and Rick Hanlon here:

React 18 for Application Developers

For a demo of upgrading to React 18, see Shruti Kapoor’s talk here:

Streaming Server Rendering with Suspense

React 18 also includes improvements to server-side rendering performance using Suspense.

Streaming server rendering lets you generate HTML from React components on the server, and stream that HTML to your users. In React 18, you can use Suspense to break down your app into smaller independent units which can be streamed independently of each other without blocking the rest of the app. This means users will see your content sooner and be able to start interacting with it much faster.

For a deep dive, see Shaundai Person’s talk here:

The first React working group

For React 18, we created our first Working Group to collaborate with a panel of experts, developers, library maintainers, and educators. Together we worked to create our gradual adoption strategy and refine new APIs such as useId, useSyncExternalStore, and useInsertionEffect.

For an overview of this work, see Aakansha’ Doshi’s talk:

React Developer Tooling

To support the new features in this release, we also announced the newly formed React DevTools team and a new Timeline Profiler to help developers debug their React apps.

For more information and a demo of new DevTools features, see Brian Vaughn’s talk:

React without memo

Looking further into the future, Xuan Huang (黄玄) shared an update from our React Labs research into an auto-memoizing compiler. Check out this talk for more information and a demo of the compiler prototype:

React docs keynote

Rachel Nabors kicked off a section of talks about learning and designing with React with a keynote about our investment in React’s new docs (now shipped as

And more…

We also heard talks on learning and designing with React:

Talks from the Relay, React Native, and PyTorch teams:

And talks from the community on accessibility, tooling, and Server Components:

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Rethinking Best Practices

Pete Hunt’s talk at JSConf EU 2013 covers three topics: throwing out the notion of templates and building views with JavaScript, “re-rendering” your entire application when your data changes, and a lightweight implementation of the DOM and events - (2013 - 0h30m).

Introduction to React

Tom Occhino and Jordan Walke introduce React at Facebook Seattle - (2013 - 1h20m).